At Lori Lins Ltd., our main mission is to serve. We hand pick our talent pool to ensure that they are experienced, easy to work with and pleasant to be around. We meet and get to know every talent that we represent so as to learn their strengths and their limitations. We assist producers and directors in the casting and booking of voice actors, on-camera actors, print models and promotional staffing with performers of all ages.


Taking the problem of finding the right talent for the right project off your hands. If you have a difficult client or an impossible budget, talking it through with us will save you time, headaches and valuable resources.


We invest time in our talent, coaching them and helping them hone their skills so that they can be prepared to tackle any situation that a job may throw their way. Our Chicago and Milwaukee office staff work together to give you the best service possible and get you the best performer possible. We do all this while placing special emphasis on efficiency and friendliness.


Our friendly and efficient team has a combined 100+ years working in the industry. Feel free to contact us with inquiries about your next project, or just to say hi.

  • Lori Lins – President
    Lori started the business in 1978 with a cardboard box and a typewriter from the floor of her apartment. Starting in front of the camera, her transition to the other side of the business was done through the school of hard knocks. After 38 years in business her ability to select talent, negotiate contracts and navigate the industry with precise attention to detail are part of the company’s greatest assets. When she isn’t finding new ways to expand the reach of Lori Lins Ltd, you can usually find her floating down a lazy river in her kayak, or hiking to the top of a mountain in some far away locale, as both traveling and kayaking fill her life with passion.

  • Betty (Antholine) Martell – VP of Talent Management
    Betty has been a rock at Lori Lins Ltd for the past 21 years and has been in the business for longer than she cares to admit. She continues to be one of the top talent bookers in all of the Midwest, truly caring about the needs of every single performer and client she brings together. A family woman, her daughter and husband are near and dear to her heart.

  • Holly Schlintz – CFO
    Holly has guided the financial path of our performers and our company for over 19 years. Her diligence in tracking performers’ compensation, as well as her fair and reasonable approach endear her to both talent and client alike, but it is her personal relationship with everyone she meets for which she is really known. Holly is the one who remembers your favorite food, or that your great nephew in Oregon is graduating from the 2nd grade today, and it is this level of dedication and love that enhance her already priceless assets.

  • Trent Raffaelli – Chicago Branch Manager
    Trent has been working with the company for 15 years and took over the position of Chicago Branch Manager when LLL expanded to the Chicago market with the opening of the West Loop office in 2012. He grew up around the industry, has a keen eye for directing talent, and always goes the extra mile to make a booking happen successfully for a client. While hockey might be considered his passion, he is a talented self-taught chef and loves to share the goods with friends.

  • Ginny Zerang – Talent Manager
    Ginny joined the LLL team in April of 2016. She grew up in Detroit area and was surrounded by talent from an early age while working with her father's music theater. Ginny is a graduate of Columbia College and over the years has worked in network television, radio, film & the music industries. Ginny's expert guidance in managing talent careers is infectious as she is perhaps the friendliest, most charismatic person you are likely to meet!

  • Shannon Gavin – VP Marketing
    Although Shannon is officially our VP of Marketing, she does so much more every day. Shannon is an extremely talented graphic design artist and has a good eye when it comes to marketing decisions for the company and our talents. She has become the “go-to” person for social media publicity and regularly posts updates about our talents both on staff and on set.

  • Kalah Spaude – Talent Manager
    Kalah joined the LLL team after earning degrees in Public Relations and Music from UW-Eau Claire. She started with LLL in 2012 and quickly advanced to her current position of Talent Manager. She enjoys interacting with clients and talents on a day-to-day basis, actively books and negotiates contracts. Outside of work, Kalah keeps herself busy by visiting her family in Minnesota, enjoying time with her in-laws, and exploring the city.

  • Christina Flister – Management Assistant/Voice Desk
    Christina has been with the LLL team now for 4 years. She started as the smile at the front desk and quickly was groomed to be in charge of the voice talent, as she listens to each and every audition prior to upload and now coaches where needed. Christina assists the bookers daily and has begun to know her way around the contracts and booking procedures. She has traveled and studied around the world which has instilled in her the ability to work with people from all walks of life, something she enjoys doing every day at the office! Christina enjoys playing volleyball and you'll see her sign off on her e-mail correspondence with Trivia Professor. She keeps our minds challenged daily with strange but accurate tidbits from the information highway.